Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Martha Makes: DIY Bath Sachets

This month’s issue of Martha Stewart Magazine was a little low on crafts and high on citrusy recipes (meat and citrus fruit should not go together in my opinion).  But I did spot this little nugget on the bottom of a page and thought it sounded interesting.  DIY bath sachets using eucalyptus plants and tea bags.  Sounded easy and I’d get a nice bath out of it, perfect!

I wanted more than just eucalyptus though, so I went to a local health food store and bought some dried lavender and dried rose petals.  I got the tea bags at Cost Plus World Market (random) but I couldn't find them at a grocery store. 

The process was simple; put the dried stuff in a tea bag and tie with a string.  I made a loop so I could hang it over the bath faucet.

Hang the sachet over the faucet and draw a nice hot bath.  And then be disappointed because instead of the rich, fragrant, bouquet-of-flowers bath you thought you’d have, it smells like water.  The sachets didn’t do anything!  I even hung up two, one with roses and one with eucalyptus. 

Maybe the water was infused with their herbal properties and I just didn’t notice, but overall I have to say this one was a bust Martha!

However, I did have a lovely bath on a cold snowy day, and now I can use the other sachets I made as potpourri, or throw them in my fabric dresser, so it all worked out in the end!  And I just got the February issue of Martha Stewart and it is chock full of great crafts and recipes!

Make sure you check back the end of the week, I have an awesome project to share!

Thanks for reading!

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