Friday, November 16, 2012

Exploring New Mexico: Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge

Last weekend my parents were in town visiting us and we took them down to the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge.  This is a beautiful and stunning preserve along the Rio Grande.  It’s about two hours south of Albuquerque near the town of Soccorro.  If you live in NM and haven’t been here yet, you are missing out!

The Refuge hosts thousands of migratory birds headed south for the winter.  Some of them stay here all winter, some of them keep going to Mexico.  A lot of volunteer work goes into keeping the Refuge going, check out the website for the Friends of the Bosque to learn more and to see some amazing pictures.

My pictures don’t do the beauty of this place justice.  The way the sun hit the golden leaves and just lit them up was amazing!  Birds flying in from all directions, I wish I had a better camera to get some up close shots of the bigger birds.  But, I think some of my pictures turned out pretty good.  For your pleasure:



Deer!  We saw I think three different groups of them.

Enjoying the view with my parents.

I love how this shot turned out!  It almost looks like I photo shopped color and black and white together.  The sun was hitting the trees just perfectly!

Thousands of snow geese.  I asked my husband to run through them so I could get a shot of them flying, but he wasn't game.

Sunset to end a lovely day.

New Mexico really is the land of enchantment, treasures like the Bosque seem to be all over the place!

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