Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pinterest Day: Christmas Edition

Pinterest is great for holiday decoration ideas and the craft boards are chock full of them right now.  One of my favorite pins is the ornament wreath that has been pinned a thousand times over.  But it’s easy to see why, it is a super simple craft that looks awesome when done.  There are a lot of versions of it on Pinterest, but I think the original post using a wire hanger came from this blog.  Or at least that's the one I looked at.

Here’s my ornament wreath:

I love it!  Besides regular bulbs I added silver bells so that it jingles when we open the door.  I also weaved some lights through it to light it up at night.  Here is my not so great picture of it lit at night:

Pinterest success!

The only bad thing about it is that it is perhaps a little too shiny.  Know what likes shiny things?  Birds.  Yes, birds are attracted to my pretty wreath.  They nestle into the bow and poop all over my shiny bulbs.  It is as gross as it sounds.  I haven’t seen one in a few days though, so maybe they have moved on.

My next craft wasn’t curated from Pinterest, but I did pin it to Pinterest, so there you go.  I saw this on Ucreate last year, the tutorial was made by Ginger Snap Crafts.  A rustic nativity scene made with wood scraps and a Silhouette machine.

The best part about this craft was that I got to use my new Silhouette! This was my belated graduation gift to myself and I love it!  It is so cool and I have lots of ideas to use it rolling around in my head!

Anyway, I made the above nativity for my sister for Christmas.  I think this is a perfect nativity set to have around kids, nothing to break!  Since I don't have scrap wood hanging around, I bought a bag of wood from Hobby Lobby and adjusted the sizes of the stencils to fit.

I also made a smaller nativity for myself, my parents, and my in-laws.

I highlighted each scene with some clear glitter paint to give a little more dimension to it.  I love how all of them turned out! 

I also saw on Ucreate recently a similar craft using the same concept but making stocking holders.  I just may have to try that too.

Merry Christmas!  I’ll have some of my own Christmas crafts coming soon!

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