Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Knitted Mini-Washcloth Tutorial -or, Reusable Cotton Pad

Because who doesn’t need a stack of mini-washcloths, right? 


This idea was actually born because I didn’t want to buy a bag of cotton pads that I would only use sporadically, but would meantime be taking up bathroom cupboard space.  Instead I dug through my yarn stash and whipped up a couple mini-washcloths. 


Perfect size for removing stubborn eye make-up or applying toner.  (I don’t really wear much make-up, so I don’t know how well these would work as a make-up applier.  Knit one up and try it out!  And when they get dirty you just toss them in the washing machine.

These are quick and easy to make, and they are the perfect practice project for new (and even experienced) knitters.  They are made using Double Pointed Needles (DPN’s), which can seem tricky if you’ve never knit with them in the round before.  The first time I knit a hat in the round I had loose, ugly stitches when I had to switch to DPN’s.  After making a couple of these washcloths, you’ll be a pro at knitting nice, tight stitches on DPN’s. 

Are you super excited now to get started!!  Here’s what you need:

Cotton Yarn:  I used Sugar ‘n Cream brand.  I recommend using cotton because it is machine washable and doesn’t pill too much.  I made one using a wool/acrylic blend and it was too scratchy to use on the face.  This cotton is nice and soft.

Double Pointed Needles:  I used size #8 needles, even though this yarn calls for #9 needles.  With the smaller size I was able to get tighter stitches and a better look.


Knitting Instructions

Knitting Key:  DPN: Double Pointed Needle;  K: Knit;  K2TOG:  Knit 2 stitches together;  *: Repeat

Cast on 25 stitches.  Purl one row, insert a stitch marker and join stitches, making sure your stitches are evenly distributed over the DPN’s. 

Be careful not to twist your stitches when joining the yarn!

Row 1: K all stitches

Row 2: K3, K2tog* repeat from * 5 times, 20 stitches remain.

Row 3: K

Row 4: K2, K2tog* repeat from * 5 times, 15 stitches remain.

Row 5: K

Row 6: K1, K2tog* repeat from * 5 times, 10 stitches remain.

Row 7: K

Row 8: K2tog* repeat from * 5 times, 5 stitches remain.

Cut your yarn leaving a couple inches for a tail.  Using a yarn needle, pull the tail through the remaining stitches and pull tight to close.  Pull the yarn through the center to the back of the washcloth and weave in the ends.

Wet down the washcloth and lay it flat to dry.  Knit a whole bunch more cause it’s just so fun, and then you’re done!

The final measurement has a 2 ¾” circumference.  Here are some pics of the process:

Row 1:

Row 6


Here are close ap pictures of the front and back:

And just for fun:


Cause I’m crafty like that!

I hope you try these out!  Thanks for reading!

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