Monday, December 10, 2012

Sleeping Mask Tutorial

I have a weird little hereditary trait that affects many in my family.  I sleep with my eyes half open.  Anyone else out there like this?  It can creep people out if they’ve never seen it before, as my eyes roll back in my head so it’s just the whites of my eyes poking out beneath my half-closed lids.  But it’s normal in my family!

Anyway, sleeping with half opened eyes naturally makes for restless sleep.  Any light in a room is distracting to me.  If I take a nap during the day, I often have super realistic dreams that take place in the room I’m in (I assume because I’m looking at the room while sleeping.)  For someone with funk eyes like me, a sleeping mask is a life saver!  Or should I say sleep saver?  ;)

I had a sleeping mask that was too small and stiff so it fit weird.  I decided to make my own using some super soft velour fabric and shiny brocade for some extra decadence.  Here’s the end result, worn by my model Dallas Star.


Want to make your own?  It is super quick; it only took me about a half hour to make.  Here is what you need:

Two pieces of fabric:  I used the velour and brocade; you could use flannel, baby quilt material, anything soft and fuzzy.  Or satin, ooh that would be nice too.  You only need a piece that’s at least 10” x 6”, so you can use whatever scraps you have on hand.

Maxi Piping Bias Tape: At least 22”.

Knit Elastic:  I used ¼” width.

Sleeping Mask Template:  You can draw out your own or use mine as a guide.

I made a template showing three different sizes.  The largest size is what I used for my mask, the smaller sizes would be good for a child’s size, or if you just don’t want a bigger mask.  Click on the image to see it larger.  The second picture has lines drawn to make it a little more clear (or confusing, who knows).  If you can’t see the picture well, the measurements for the largest size are 8 ½” long width, 3 ¾” nose length, and 4 3/8” for the cheek length.  Take off ¼” to ½” from each measurement to get smaller sizes.

Now, let’s get started!

First, cut out the template on paper and use that to trace the design onto the two fabrics.  Cut these out.


Take your piping and start pinning it to your bottom fabric, with the right side of the fabric facing up and the raw edge of the piping aligned with the raw edge of the fabric.

Here’s a closer view so you see what I mean:


Got it?  Right side of fabric facing up, raw edge of piping lined up with raw edge of fabric.  I pinned the piping on first, and then cut it.  I used about 21”.


Next, sew on the piping using a contrasting color to your fabric.  Using a contrasting color will make the next steps easier.  It can be a little tricky to sew the curves of the eye mask, so just take it slow if you need to.  Fold the ends of the piping under each other and sew it down securely.


Since we used contrasting thread, see how easy it is to see the stiches on the other side?  Perfect.


Now you want to sew on your elastic band.  I cut my elastic to 15”.  I found that measuring the back of my head from one ear lobe to the other gave me a good measurement.  Sew the elastic on to the back piece like so:


See how the raw edge of the elastic lines up with the raw edge of the fabric?


Make sure the elastic isn’t twisted, and then sew it down.  At this point you can try on the mask to make sure the elastic fits.  Does it fit well?


Okay, almost done!  Now take your top fabric and pin it to the bottom fabric with right sides facing.


Pin it together with the bottom fabric on top so that when you sew you can see the colored stiches.


Now change your thread to a matching color.  Make sure that the elastic is tucked inside!  Sew all the way around right on top of that colored thread.  This way, when you turn it inside out the piping will come out evenly on both sides.  Leave a small hole to turn the mask out when you’re done.

Turn the mask out, tuck under the fabric at your hole and stitch that closed.  And you’re done!


You can see at the bottom of the eye mask where I stitched my hole closed, it isn’t even noticeable. 

Quick, easy, and already done!  Now you can go have some sweet dreams!


And wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed!


Or bushy haired, in my case.

These eye masks are so fast and easy to whip up, they would make some perfect last minute Christmas gifts!


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